Photo Shoot-9/27

We had our photo shoot today and, the few peeps who know my photo shooting history, know I am all about the details. I came up with this idea for the show two weeks ago so with the venue booking, the wrangling of talent, phone calls, new day job because apparently quality control for Verzion Ads is apart of the big dream or G-d’s plan for the time being… with the economic crisis looming, I am popping the adderral and checking the P’s,Q’s, dotting the I’s crossing the T’s and making sure the Verizon logo is a 1/4 above the safety, etc. etc. So as a result, the creative juices were taking time to ferment. Getting a lifesize Obama surrounded by girls in cheerleading outfits, the back of Sarah Palin’s head with a girl gang in front ready to pounce with hockey sticks and a pit bull, Girls in bikinis, red, white and blue pasties, ballroom gowns… Think, Perlman, think….

So I started thinking Annie Leibovitz Vanity Fair pic with red, white and blue gowns with different Sarah Palin articles strewn, a hockey stick, the pit bull, a polar bear and a drill…

I went into my local Salvation Army where I have haphazardly found the best stuff for bupkas and laid my eyes on an off the shoulder basketball style shirt that read “BABY GIRL” and “23” underneath. Perfect! Then a kaftanish long red and white striped floor-length jacket – beautiful. Soon I got a world globe, made a Russian language book, a hockey stick, a stuffed moose and yes, got a pit bull. Actually a mix named Dela who is currently hiding out across the hall with the cast of “America’s Top Model” Meets “What’s Happening,” she is hiding from her previous owner’s girlfriend or the cops, not really sure.

So I asked my more-than-a-friend these days, Doron, if we could use his place since he has systematically emptied out his living room for peace of mind and possibly a roommate if the high paying job doesn’t kick in soon. He seemed delighted so we had all the elements — subjects, the amazing Joanne Levey behind the camera (she did the last NJGGB shoot) and we were good to go.

I was trying to focus and direct the shoot, get a handle on the limitations, get on my make-up, come up with a get-up and look somewhat presentable. I don’t know if anyone can appreciate the stress of animal wrangling, glamming up the t-shirt and jean crowd, putting on lipstick and quelling the fears of a lover unsure of what circus he let into his apartment. But I did it and here’s the result:

fabulousness don't come easy

fabulousness don


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