Polling with My Homies

This Ride Be Pimped! Everyone Say "Ho

Recent Polls of the places we will be swinging in…the margins be looking mighty slim. So call your old friend Fratty McDouchebag back in Ohio and knock some sense into him. Just because he has a bad comb-over doesn’t mean he has to vote for McCain.

    Pennsylvania Obama 51/McCain 39
    Ohio Obama 48/McCain 49
    Indiana McCain 46/Obama 45
    Virginia Obama 45/McCain 48
    North Carolina McCain 47/Obama 50


    Florida Obama 51, McCain 47
    Nevada Obama 51, McCain 47
    New Mexico Obama 49, McCain 44
    Colorado Obama 44, McCain 43

One response to “Polling with My Homies

  1. Found that you guys are doing a show in Raleigh off the local news website. I live a little over an hour away from Raleigh (in the crazy town of Greenville…..just don’t understand these people!!) I will be checking into getting tickets to your show, seems it would be interesting. I am sure I would enjoy it a lot more than the people who went to see Sarah Palin here the other night, although I am sure I would have been laughing…..at her!

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