The Red Fish Turns Blue
An Election Night Extravaganza
featuring the Obama Girls of Comedy

Nov. 4th 
Doors @7pm
Le Poisson Rouge
158 Bleecker St
(212) 228-4854

We will be returning to NYC on Election Day to watch the results, some the funniest NY female comics will be dropping by to share their two cents; Ophira Eisenberg (Comedy Central), Michelle Buteau (Comedy Central), Mindy Raf (VH-1), Irene Bremis (MTV), Calise Hawkins (NBC), Claudia Cogan (Sirius) and the queen of quick change Goddess Perlman (NBC) and many more. Sarah Palin might make an appearance plus our very own Hot Obama Mamas will be go-go dancing all night long and we might even sing the national anthem to top it all off. It will be an all-American event had by all. On November 4th, we will be turning the Red Fish, Blue. Come On Down!

Come drink like a fish til' you're blue in the face

Come drink like a fish til


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