Who Are We

Here come the Obama Girls of Comedy, swinging the swing states back to blue!

Who says that women are jumping the Obama ship? When the Republicans nominated Sarah Palin for Vice President, they thought they had a winner. They were certain that they would get most American women onboard. Who doesn’t want to see a fellow sister breaking the glass ceiling? Even if that “sister” is against a woman’s right to choose, environmental protection, alternative energy development, freedom of speech, gun control, the separation of church and state and polar bears. Well, this time the GOP got it wrong, again.

While we recognize that Governor Palin’s rise is certainly admirable, Republicans are trying to employ a “don’t ask, don’t tell” tactic on her candidacy. If no one asks her about her record, the American public can just be seduced by her bespectacled charm and hockey mom wiles. Swing states are swinging with her. Republicans are suddenly sexy!

The Obama Girls of Comedy are hitting the road to bring sexy back to the Democrats. Govenor Palin is no match for these hotties of hilarity. The show features female comedians who have appeared on Comedy Central, VH-1, HBO and Network Television. We are still sweet on Obama and spreading the good word!

THE OBAMA GIRLS OF COMEDY: changing hearts and minds one laugh at a time.

Susannah Perlman

Susannah Perlman

Susannah Perlman AKA Goddess Perlman is a comedian/chanteuse and the ringleader of “Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad”; a variety extravaganza that has traveled the country far and wide and has recently played Off-Broadway and received rave reviews. A native of Pittsburgh, Perlman has been featured on Seasons 3 and 4 of “Last Comic Standing” on NBC. She has also appeared on TLC, MTV and NY-1. Perlman has a few albums to her credit “Beating Around the Bush” and “The Goddess Bless America” which has received numerous awards.

Carolyn Castiglia

Carolyn Castiglia

Carolyn Castiglia is a comedian and writer based out of New York City. You may recognize her as “Miss CKC” from VH1/ego trip’s White Rapper Show and Miss Rap Supreme, or from MTV2, NBC’s Last Comic Standing and Nick-at-Nite’s Funniest Mom in America. Her joke writing has appeared in Time Out New York, the New York Post, The Idiot’s Guide to Jokes and Life and Style Magazine. She is also a contributor at The Huffington Post and was featured online in the International Museum of Women’s “Imagining Ourselves” exhibit.

Claudia Cogan

Claudia Cogan

Claudia Cogan was called a “hilarious up-and-comer” by Time Out New York and an “acerbic wit” by The New York Post. Claudia was nominated for an ECNY Award by a panel of industry and comedy fans for “Best Female Stand Up.” In January, Claudia won the first ever Time Out New York Magazine Joke of the Year. Fans of satellite radio may have experienced Claudia’s voice on Sirius’ Raw Dog Comedy network and on OutQ’s Derek and Romaine Show. Her writing has appeared on biggco.com, collegehumor.com and bestweekever.tv and she authors her own blog, getthefoutofhere.blogspot.com, which has been spotlighted by Gawker.com and MSNBC.com.

Calise Hawkins

Calise Hawkins

Calise Hawkins wears her heart on her microphone. If anything makes her cry, she will find a way to laugh about it. She has been a featured panelist on ComedyCentral.com’s “The Root of All Evil”, and on BETJ’s “My Two Cents”. Calise Hawkins was a finalist in NBC’s “Stand Up For Diversity” competition, semi-finalist in New York Comedy Festival’s “Funniest Comedian in New York” challenge, and was featured on Last Comic Standing.

Giulia Rozzi

Giulia Rozzi

Giulia Rozzi is an actress, writer and stand-up comedian originally from Boston. She’s been seen on MTV, CNN, Italian MTV, Vh1’s bestweekever.tv and in sketches on Jimmy Kimmel. She is the creator of the popular web series themessage-board.com, which makes fun of stupidbrides. Her work has been featured in Playgirl, Glamour and Bust magazines. Recently she was an associate editor and a contributor for the Mortified books as well as a co-producer of the east coast Mortified shows. She and fellow comedian Margot Leitman co-host the popular sex-themed storytelling event Stripped Stories at Comix.


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  1. theobamagirlsofcomedy

    The sexiest comedy tour eva!!!!!

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