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Oh, Yes We Did!!!!




Please spread the word-promises to be a fun night

Giulia Rozzi on The Obama Girls of Comedy Tour: PART 1

Giulia Rozzi hits the road with the Obama Girls and lives to tell about it.


How did we do? Electoral Map Update 10-30-08

The Obama Girls of Comedy went to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, DC, North Carolina and Virginia. The shows were absolutely terrific. You are probably wondering if we made a difference. You Betcha! This project was about using our collective creativity to raise awareness. And if you look at this map, Pennsylvania is no longer a swing state, Obama is up 12 points. He’s ahead 4 points in Ohio, 1 point in Indiana, 9 points in Virginia and 6 points in North Carolina. You are so welcome America, not a problem at all. Florida even got off the Straight BS Express. Thanks Big Schlep!

At this point, things look good for Barack but I don’t trust those faulty machines, butterfly ballots and self-entitled Republicans. Please call up any relatives, friends from camp, old college roommates in Ohio, Indiana and Florida, tell them sincerely why you are voting for Obama and you too can make a difference. Join us in NYC on Nov. 4th as we watch the results. What’s next for the Obama Girls of Comedy? We’ll see… The Karl Rove Pink Ship Show, perhaps?

We made a difference

We made a difference