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Inauguration Events in DC

The Obama Girls of Comedy + Comedy Against Evil 

January 18 @ 7:30pm 
2438 18th Street NW 
Washington, DC 
$15/$10 DCAC Members

The Obama Girls of Comedy return to DC to ring in the Inauguration. We will be teaming up with Comedy Against Evil to present one fabulous night of hilarity to hail to the new chief. Come celebrate a new era of hope and change as we all have a ball and bring sexy back to the Democrats. 

A few months back, The Obama Girls of Comedy, a group of comedians hit the road to raise awareness that women were voting for Obama in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia and North Carolina. The group is made up of stellar women comedians who have appeared on Comedy Central, VH-1 and network TV. Throughout the pre-election season, we traveled to 5 states and raised a ruckus. We had our share of highs and lows and feast or famine as we ran out of gas, were mistaken for hookers, played at a few bars straight out of The Accused, volunteered for the campaign and witnessed the most awkward karaoke on earth. On November 4, victory was just particularly sweet when all the states we visited went blue. Yep that was us. 

Meanwhile their friend and comedy cohort, Jeff Kreisler did his part to spread the word on Obama. Touring Red, Blue, and Purple states, Comedy Against Evil brought laughter to voters in cities from Seattle to Dallas, Cleveland to LA, Houston, Cincinatti, Dayton, Gainesville and more! Along the way, we made many friends, had countless laughs, and twice escaped lynching. We didn’t change the world, but we had fun. Now a new, ever-shifting group of concerned performers picks up the pieces and continues the fight. Award winners and accomplished professionals, today’s brightest satirists will share their “fair and balanced”* perspectives on the issues of the day. 

On Sunday, January 18 the two shows join forces at DC Arts in Adams Morgan, featuring comedian and writer Jeff Kreisler (Comedy Central’s Indecision 2008, BBC & Bill Hicks Spirit Award Winner), The Goddess Perlman (Last Comic Standing, Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad), Hilary Schwartz (XM Radio) Elon James White (Sirius, This Week in Blackness) Scott Blakeman (Comedy Central, Letterman) and others. We are changing hearts and minds, one laugh at a time. 
Comedy Against Evil

Other places to catch the Obama Girls of Comedy 
During MLK/Inauguration Weekend 

Saturday, January 17- 8pm 
The People’s Inaugural Ball 
The Historical Society of Washington DC 
801 K Street NW, DC 

Monday, January 19 8:00 PM 
The Official Ball of Prince George’s County 
7963 Annapolis Rd. 
Lanham, MD 

Monday, January 19 @ 3pm 
MyBarackObama Blogger Celebration 
Murphy’s Grand Irish Pub 
713 King St 
Old Town 
Alexandria, VA 22314 



Please spread the word-promises to be a fun night

How it all began…

I met Senator Obama in 2004 at the Air America offices, not long after his Historic DNC speech. He was casually standing in the lobby, no secret service, no entourage, and no media hoopla. Just one man, alone, waiting for his car service. Tall and dark, he was a sight for any sore eyes. I introduced myself, congratulated him on his remarkable words, and then added, “I hope that’s an indication of great things to come.” Senator smiled, thanked me for such kind words and then we parted ways. That night Senator Obama went back to his hotel and googled “campaign exploratory committee.” That is the story how I got Senator Obama to run for president.

It is an unknown tale; even the Senator may not remember it.

I swelled with pride while watching my Obama’s DNC Speech of 2008; it was truly a powerful inspiration. So one can imagine my horror and dismay when the nomination of Governor Sarah Palin came along and stole his thunder, especially in the media. The pundits suggest that women would abandon the Obama Camp to support Palin as she breaks the glass ceiling. No question, Governor Palin’s rise is certainly impressive, the woman has worked almost as hard as her Hairdini. Republicans are currently employing a “don’t ask, don’t tell” tactic on Governor Palin’s current bounce. If no one asks her about her record, the American public can just be seduced by her bespectacled charm. Swing states are swinging with her. Republicans are suddenly sexy, how could this be?

Once again, Senator Obama needed my help.

Thus, I am answering that call. I considered traditional campaign volunteering, where I could knock on doors and stand on a street corner because there’s nothing wrong with that tactic. However, I can do more, I can be more effective and reach more people. I want to create a project that would get noticed on a larger scale, but could also maintain a local down-to-earth flavor. Something that would have a broad appeal and be fun and entertaining. Something that could get press, bring in a crowd and demonstrate that women have not left the building of Senator Obama. It was then I discovered my own path in this campaign. No, it’s not stripping, sorry….

For the past five years, my other show “Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad,” a stellar mix of comedy, music and variety has successfully toured the US and has been featured in the Washington Post, LA Times and the NY Times as well a multitude of publications and media outlets across the country. The success of my productions is generated by my sole ability to utilize local resources in order to bring about effective results, a complete grassroots endeavor on my part. The high quality production has lived up to the hype, thus we have had five years of solid sold out shows in over 50 cities across North America. Having visibility is key, long after we’ve packed up our tent and gone home.

If I can do it with the chosen people, I am more than confident that I can do the same with Dems and Undecideds. No matter what one’s personal politics are, everyone likes to laugh. It is my firm belief that the truth is always funny, so why not spread the truth?

The Obama Girls of Comedy was born.

This show features national female comedian headliners who support Senator Obama’s campaign. We are going across the battleground states to clubs and colleges to raise awareness that many women are indeed voting for Senator Obama and will not be swayed by Republican PR tactics. The talent roster keeps on growing as well as the interest across the battlefield. Changing hearts and minds, one laugh at a time.

Come join us!